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Do you love exceptional wine at incredible prices?  How about one of a kind Store Picks that you will only find at O'Darby's?  Or would you like to know about sales and specials here at O'Darby's? Then, we have you covered there as well! Click the 'Subscribe Today!!' button to customize which of these amazing programs you would like to be a part of!!

Pappy Van Winkle Program

Are you looking for Pappy Van Winkle? From our seat, it looks like everyone is! It seems like every retailer in the state has a different way of distributing bottles - retail prices are ALL OVER the map as well. Here at O’Darby’s, we feel like we’re a little different as well. Our Pappy is distributed in a highly systematic loyalty-based way. As tedious as it has been to handle, it is 100% worth it. Our promise to you is, we will ALWAYS and will FOREVER CONTINUE to do our VERY BEST to make sure the most allocated bottles we receive are sold to our most loyal customers.


  1. Click on the link below and complete the information requested on our online sign-up form.  Please Keep in Mind before you sign up - THIS IS A LOYALTY/REWARDS BASED PROGRAM AND IN NO WAY A LOTTERY. If you do not shop with us, there is a 0% chance you will be contacted and given the opportunity to purchase any bourbons on the list below.
  2. Each customer who requests to have their sales tracked will be assigned a number. Upon completion we will email this number to you.  Monthly, we will publish a list with sales for the customers who have requested to be “tracked.” It will NOT have your name on the list.  Instead, it will have the number you have been assigned as well as your sales.
  3. Make sure that any future purchases are done under your Saddle Club account. Your name should be at the top of the receipt if our sales associate has entered your account information correctly. It will be your first name and last initial. (Note: If you can convince friends, relatives, new customers, etc. to use your Saddle Club information when making purchases – GO FOR IT! The purpose of this program is to increase transparency, but the secondary hope is that it will increase sales.)
  4. When our Pappy allocation arrives, everyone’s sales amount will be frozen and the list will be notified. From there, we will email customers individually to determine what ONE bottle they would like from the bottles still available.